A Look Forward

The weather here in Texas has finally started to cool off after a nice long (long, long, long) stretch of over-100 days. Yes, it’s my first blog post here, and I’m talking about the weather.

More than that though, I’m talking about the exciting prospects that cooler temperatures bring. Namely, I can get back out into the world and do some hiking again.

Back in April, I spent some time up in Arkansas exploring the trails at Petit Jean State Park. We pulled off the lovely Seven Hollows trail on one day of our camping trip. Here’s the beautiful natural bridge you can find there in the Ouachita Mountains.

We also spent a day completing the 12 1/2 mile Boy Scouts of America trail that took us over some really fun rock scrambles, beautiful creeks, and an old logging road.

It was a pretty long and challenging day, but it was worth it for the views and the wildlife. Now that autumn is starting to creep in, I’d love to get back up to the Ouachitas again. A long backpacking trip on the Ouachita Trail could be fun. I’d also love to continue exploring some of state parks here in Texas.

Fellow hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, what are you most looking forward to with some cooler temperatures?

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